L.A. born, Miami raised. Of Cuban heritage. Emcee, music producer, and art director. Not always in that order.

Main Projects:

ArtOfficial - Live Hip-Hop band (Emcee, music production, art direction, and artwork)

Doers & Didn'ts EP (2018)

Knives EP (2014)

Vitamins & Minerals LP (2011)

The Payback Mixtape (2010)

Fist Fights and Foot Races LP (2008)

Stranger EP (2007)


Adventure Fund - Collaborative project with George Spits of Llamabeats. (Emcee, music production, and art direction)

Adventure Fund LP (2014)


Ao Logics - Personal, solo project. Mostly instrumental. (Music production, art direction, and artwork)

Hell is Empty LP (2015)

Mass/Comm EP (2012)